The Program

Semester in LA-Journalism (SiLA-JO) is an opportunity for Columbia College students to experience the entertainment world in Hollywood. The semester is an intense five-week semester divided into four courses covering topics from diversity in the media to learning about Hollywood’s history. This year’s Spring SiLA-JO focused on television and film, and students broke into two groups and researched two television shows, (“Alcatraz” and “Lost”), one “hit” and one “flop.” The film group picked two movies to compare (“Hulk” and “The Incredible Hulk”) one that did well and the other, not as well. Within their research, students spent most of their time developing contacts and knowledge of the television and film world and turned this into an article.

They met many professionals in the industry as guest speakers along the way who even helped with projects. SiLA-JO gives students the opportunity to get to know Los Angeles and its surroundings. Students went on tours down Sunset Boulevard and many more places to learn where buildings and relevant people can be found. The SiLA-JO really focuses on entertainment journalism and is a great chance for Columbia College Students to figure out if entertainment reporting is for them.

From Chi2LA