Max About: Beyonce’s Halftime Show


Okay, so I didn’t sit there and watch the entire Super Bowl. But, I did watch the game in fast-forward getting to each batch of commercials and – of course – to watch the halftime show. The commercials were pretty funny, I suppose. I really liked the Reebok commercial where the guy tackled the cheetah and high-fived the gazelle at end, but that’s the one that really only stand out to me. The one in the desert with the girls in the head dresses was bizarre too. Oh! and the Dome preview or whatever it was. But anyway back on topic – Beyonceee.

I suppose it was… alright. Entertaining, definitely. Beyonce looked great of course and she did a wonderful job dancing. The mistakes were minor, but if they were pulled off properly they would have been sickening. Like homegirl, you were not in the center of the circle where your silhouette is…  But, besides that she pretty much only made some faces that I just could not get over. Like I thought you were classy? Girl, you gettin’ raunch raunch tonight for all these conservative men! And oh?… Why did you end with Halo? What?! Really? Out of ALLL of the songs, you chose to end Halftime with HALO?! I don’t think it was necessarily a bad choice to sing, I just definitely don’t think that should have been the last song. That’s a boring and LATE decision.

When the Destiny’s Child girls popped up – I honestly thought one of them was going to break a heel. Michelle looked like she was about to crap her pants after she shot out from under the stage. After that, she wasn’t very memorable besides the weird red color that was on the tips of her hair. Kelly – girl she turnt it. She shut. it. down. Her hair got in her way a little bit, but that’s my only complaint. The fact that their microphones were kind of quiet and messed up kind of annoyed me. But, this is Beyonce’s halftime show – not a reunion show.

Overall, I thought it was very entertaining. Beyonce looked hot. She sang beautifully. My favorite part was when Kelly and Michelle were there. I love Kelly. Beyonce’s hair looked amazing. The fire was neat. It was fun. Neat and fun. Was it my favorite halftime show? Absolutely not.

That’s About It!


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