Words of Wisdom

Quotes from the guest speakers we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in our time in LA.

Sandy King Carpenter – Film producer (“Village of the Damned,” “Ghost of Mars,” “Darkchylde”) and President of Storm King Productions


Anything you learn in life adds up to something.

[On believing in the supernatural] I don’t believe in anything but I will make you believe. Generally, when you believe something you can debunk it.

Put your heart into it what you do, have pride and don’t give a sh*t if it fails.

Vincent Cordero- Executive Vice President & General Manager of Fox Deportes


Do what you think is right, even though it might not be the most popular thing.

Stephanie Stanton- TV Host/Journalist at News Channel


Think big picture, think smarter.

Take what you can get, work with what you have.

Andrew Wallenstein- Editor-in-chief of Variety and Covering the Entertainment Industries professor


Kill your darlings- Oscar Wilde

Soak it up- the mantra of every journalist.

We’ve got to be proactive, but responsibly proactive.

Adrian Maher- Writer, Producer, Director


My number one characteristic is curiosity, and that is the key. [Maher referring to being  a journalist.]

It’s always more important to be interested than interesting.

The best writers I know are ferocious readers

If your creating, keep creating something.

Content is king.

Most Americans aren’t very curious about the rest of the world. Do you realize only 7% of people have a passport? [A sad fact that Maher mentioned is why people don’t get curious about the world.]

If you’re in, like a Trojan horse, the battle is 99% won. Just find a way to get in! [About getting a job in the entertainment industry.]

Ron Taylor – Diversity in the Media professor


[The website] doesn’t make sh*t up, which Fox does all too often [referring to shows like Jon Stewart, that make up democratic stories.]

Journalists are allowed to have an opinion, or point of view, but they cannot be judgmental.

This business is a funny one, you’ll never know where it will take you.

If there’s a lot of racism, there’s a lot of sexism to go with it.

Linda Deutsch – longtime reporter at AP

Linda visited the students to speak about covering the legal side of the entertainment industry, having covered high profile trials such as the Charles Manson, OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson cases.

Linda Deutsch

I was always a writer, since the time I was born. So it was either become a journalist or a poet. [Deutsch on picking a career path, explaining in this economy maybe being a poet might be more beneficial than a journalist, yet when she started out, it was the opposite.]

AJ Marchel- Television writer for Variety

AJ met with the SiLA group during their last day of classes when they visited Variety offices. AJ writes for the television department at Variety and is one of the youngest writers at the publication.


We’re off the record till we say were on the record. [Referring to encounters with reporters]

It doesn’t matter how big your story is, if you burned your bridges- good luck. [On how important relationships are in this industry.]

There will always be a different story, but your relationships are more important.


Bennie Williams- Vice President of Audience Research at FOX

“The writers showroom should be diverse… Our business model depends on it, and America is diverse.”


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