Behind the Scenes

Goodbyes are always hard. After 5 exciting weeks, the semester in L.A program is officially over. As we leave with an expanded knowledge of the entertainment industry, we also leave with fond memories. This is what we learned, unofficially, at our time at Raleigh Studios.

  • We take health for granted. The “kissing disease” mono can actually be spread without any mouth-to-mouth contact. Take our word for it. 
  • Sometimes people would rather not pay those high prices for higher education. Instead, they tag along on various tours and try to blend in.
  • L.A has some crazy drivers. That being said, most intersections in L.A should have all way stop signs installed. Sometimes, students have more near death experiences than a cat. No worries though, while the car was totaled, everyone else survived.
  • This rigorous semester always requires you to have you “kim”puter with you.
  • Eye patches really are a fashion statement, even if they are used for health purposes.
  • The mustache van is the most reliable source of transportation. It doesn’t matter where you are, when you walk out that door, the mustache ride will be waiting to take you home.
  • There are no black people on the show “Friends.” That being said, its time we diversify that central perk couch.
  • Everything in L.A can be a landmark. You see that over there, Lindsay Lohan’s assistants sister sat on that bench. Oh and right over there, Justin Biebers kindergarten teachers mothers brother walked down that sidewalk.
  • Every year, the US goes through a fad. First it was planking, than it was the Gangnam style and this year it was the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake consists of one person dancing obnoxiously, while others continue doing whatever it is their doing. When the beat drops, everyone goes pretty wild, busting some pretty intense dance routines, none of which involve the actual Harlem shake. The Sila- Journalism program thought we were above the immaturity. That is until this happened.

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