“Hulk” vs. “Incredible Hulk”


  • Reboots: The Incredible Hulk is one of many examples of a reboot films. There have been good ones and some we wish we could forget about. But there are many fundamentals in making a great reboot film. From the directors, to the actors, the technology as well and many other elements what does it take to make a great reboot film to have the audience wanting more? -Joachim Jocson
  • Directors: My paper is a comparison between Ang Lee’s artistry and Louis Leterrier’s commercial appeal that set the Hulk films apart and ultimately made one a flop and the other a success with fans. -N’am Hayes
  • Bankability: My project was based on the notion that when it comes to superhero movies, you would think that studios would cast A-List actors so the movie can appeal to a bigger audience. “Hulk” and “The Incredible Hulk” don’t do that. -Jazmen Parker
  • Marketing: In Hollywood, a reboot is a chance to correct past mistakes, but these mistakes can go beyond the film itself. The 2003 “Hulk” movie had plenty of flaws, and less than five years later Universal was already poised over a second attempt, “The Incredible Hulk,” to fix what they initially created back in 2003, this time armed with a slew of new marketing efforts. Though the second attempt was marginally more commercially successful than it’s predecessor, its marketing and promotion help differentiate itself from the widely known disappointment of Ang Lee’s emotionally driven 2003 hero movie. -Samantha Saiyavongsa



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