Entertainment News Stories


Ever wonder how photo editors choose what pictures of celebrities to use on the cover and in the issue?  Well, your question has been answered. Photo editors choose pictures that fall under the categories of a news photo-driven story or a photo-driven story.

A news photo-driven story  is when the photo editor wants to build a story around a photo, which shows a celebrity with a physical change or a clearly emotional situation and reporters are asked to chase a story based on how the editors would like the story to go or to come up with a reason.
(Ex: Why has someone lost or gained so much weight? Why has someone been spotted out being so glum, so low in themselves? Why was someone buying pre-natal vitamins? Why were they seen w/o their wedding ring?)

A photo-driven story: may also comprise of a set of photos noting fashion or beauty trends, or popular locations, or similar photographs.

By: Alessandra


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