The Awards

Honors Independent Film:  The Spirit Awards (The Independent Spirit Awards)
Honors African American Entertainers The NAACP Awards (The NAACP Awards)
Actors Honor Each OtherSAG Awards (The Screen Actors Guild)
Foreign Press HonorsThe Golden Globes
 Academy Awards are a.k.a.: The Oscars
British media awards: BAFTA Awards (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
Audience’s vote for their favoritesPeople’s Choice
Honors Broadway/Theatrical: The Tony Awards
 Honors the Music Industry: The Grammy Awards (originally called Gramophone Award)
 Honors Television Industry: The Emmy Awards
 Honors distinguished public service for radio, TV, organizations, individuals): The Peabodys (The George Foster Peabody Awards; late May-Early June in NYC)
By: Alessandra

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