The Classes

Covering the Entertainment Industry is co-taught by Nina Zacuto and Andrew Wallenstein. The course examines the business, legal aspects and current practices of the entertainment media. It is intended to ground students in the history, trends, terminology and challenges of the music, film, television and other entertainment businesses theyhope to cover. It also looks at how technology continues to shape the entertainment and news media environment. The seminar requires critical thinking, excellent research and writing skills to analyze business decisions andtheir impact on the entertainment industries and thepublic discourse they influence.


Diversity in the Media is taught by Ron Taylor. This course explores how television and other entertainment media cover issues of race and ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, age and social class and why it is vitally important in a diverse and multicultural society. We look at how the media works and who controls it; who gets hired and promoted; and how corporate policies, government regulation, marketing, societal pressures and economic realities dictate the changing attitudes and business decisions of the media.


Reporting Entertainment News is taught by Nadine Mendoza. This course teaches the wide range of skills necessary to do entertainment reporting in Los Angeles. It includes an examination of the different venues available to freelance, contracted and staff writers.There is an emphasis on what makes some entertainment outlets succeed while others fail. The course chronicles the steps necessary to report news and features on the music, film and television beats, as well as the increasing devotion to celebrity coverage. Students apply this knowledge when writing several articles of varying lengths for different media outlet audiences while simultaneously acting as editors for their peers. The course focuses on entertainment reporting in Los Angeles. The skills, concepts and procedures are applicable for entertainment reporting in general, but there is a consistent focus on what separates reporting in Los Angeles from general entertainment reporting.


Location LA is taught by Jon Katzman. This course is a journalistic primer on Los Angeles. It covers the powerful personalities and ideas that created modern-day Los Angeles—an understanding that is essential for reporters who wish to knowledgeably cover this complicated city and the entertainment industries based here.